A Letter to Our Followers

by The WAPB

Newport Beach, CA (Jul 16, 2020) -  It has been quite some time since our last piece of news on the ongoing development and eventual launch of the Western Association and our inaugural charter clubs.

Since our announcement of the Henderson Hoo franchise that will be making its' home in Henderson, Nevada, we, unfortunately, ran into timing issues for our initially planned 2020 regular season. Following these timing issues, we, unfortunately, ran head-on into this COVID-19 global pandemic leading us to get creative in our planning. 

Outside of our announced Henderson club, we have several additional, fully-branded clubs waiting to be publicly announced, with an announcement schedule coming in the next couple of months. 

We remain fully dedicated to the development of the Western Association as a premier independent professional baseball league in North America. To be a premier league, we must continue to be vigilant to our cause and our mission. 

During these unimaginable times, we have worked hand-in-hand with the government leaders of our host cities and our venue management groups, including universities, government-run organizations, and private management firms. To develop a robust foundational plan for the Western Association moving forward, we have worked with these groups, collecting the data, developing new and improved safety practices, and being empathetic to many of our partner universities, as this pandemic has significantly impacted them. 

While this situation has been frustrating for so many of us involved, we are hard at work developing a schedule that will have high quality, affordable family entertainment in the form of Western Association baseball ready for your participation very soon. As we look ahead, we are actively planning the summer of 2021 as our Inaugural Season. 

We want to thank you for your continued interest and support. We hope you all stay safe and well, and please stay tuned for more updates.